Lower Staffing Costs

Manage communications with hundreds of clients in less time and with less staff
  • Personalize document and information requests and never miss a follow up
  • Boost staff productivity by messaging clients one-on-one, as a group or for your entire litigation class
  • Reply faster with fewer internal discussions

Firm-wide case visibility

Be on top of what’s happening across your entire firm
  • Provide visibility into what the rest of your team is working on.
  • Facilitate back-up between administrative employees when needed
  • Integrate contract staff seamlessly during crunch times
  • Provide a firm-wide view on each client at any point in time

Speedier case resolution

Track your firm’s overall litigation progress at all times and drive faster settlements
  • Limit unplanned inbound calls clogging your switchboard with self help section in the app and ability to send questions via chat
  • Encourage clients to fulfill all info requests from their smartphone. No excuse for delays!
  • Send follow-up notifications right to clients’ phone screen. 1-click to take action.
  • Track progress with powerful analytics

More benefits

Keep clients informed and happy

  • Assign incoming messages manually or automatically, ensuring no request slips through the cracks
  • Respond to every message, every day, without duplicating efforts.
  • Build stronger relationships with all your clients by making interactions quick and effortless.

Protect your cases safety and security

  • Use administrative controls like litigation-level access permissions to keep your data secure.
  • Reassure your IT team with encrypted documents stored in strengthened servers.
  • Minimize client device risk by limiting data stored in the phone app, and enforcing document-level password protection

Reduce duplicate efforts by seamlessly integrating with the rest of your operation

  • Exchange data with your case management software
  • Integrate with your existing office productivity software (Word, PDF, …)
  • Empower multiple staffers to seamlessly work on the same case.

Develop on-going relationships with clients

  • Continue to send news updates after their cases are resolved.
  • Build a useful source of referrals for future litigations.


The Case Helper platform is made of a web-based management console

and a mobile hub for clients.

Management Console

A single web-based platform to support all your clients’ information requests
Create a private, secure account for your entire staff
Set up litigations and add cases
Invite clients to download the Case Helper app or communicate with them via SMS or email
View all case activity on a single page
Transmit requests to your clients’ phones: Questionnaires to fill in, documents to scan and upload, forms to sign
Send notifications and reminders to their mobile phones
Review and prioritize daily tasks through ticketing system: Never miss a follow up or an inbound question

Plaintiff mobile access

A centralized hub where clients can engage with your staff
Let clients select their preferred communication mode: Via the app, by SMS or by email
Enable them to fulfill all your information requests quickly and securely
Minimize risk of confusion with a simple user interface
Always keep in touch, even when they change residence or job
Grab their attention with access to the device they keep in their pocket at all times
Proactively provide a 24/7 channel for them to reach out when they have questions

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